Public Awareness Survey

We strive to raise the awareness of natural gas in the communities we serve. To help us meet our goals, please take a few moments complete this brief survey so that we can serve you better. Thank you!

Do you have gas service at the present time:
If no, are you interested in having natural gas installed?
If yes, which of the following appliances do you currently have?









If you have natural gas appliances, are you pleased with them?
Which of the following appliances are you interested in having installed in your home?









Do you consider natural gas to be a safe energy source?





What is the approximate age of your home?



What is the approximate value of your home?




To help us make generator need assessments, please answer the following questions:
Do you have any medical needs that require electrical service?
Does your subdivision have any restrictions that restrict a generator installation?
Is access to your property restricted by fences or pets?

When requesting information from Natural Gas of Milton, rest assured we have appropriate security measures in place to protect against the misuse of information we have collected from you. Thank you for taking time to help us serve you better.