Turn-On Existing Service

If you simply need your gas service turned on, please call (850) 983-5401 or visit the Milton City Hall at 6738 Dixon Street. For a list of requirements and deposit information, click here.

New Customer (Residential or Business)

For questions about new gas service or meter installation, call (850) 983-5434.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is natural gas available at my home?

Call (850) 983-5434 or submit a service request form here.

How much does it cost to get new service?

The cost to install new gas service can vary depending on the distance between the connection and city service lines. (Gas installation may not be feasible if a considerable investment must be made to service your home or business.) For residential service, a non-refundable deposit ranging from $100 to $500 is required when you request service installation. However, if you do connect and begin service, the deposit will be credited back to you on your initial bill. For commercial service, a refundable deposit (minimum of $500) is required. This deposit amount is based on projected usage and is determined on a case-by-case basis. The homeowner or business owner is responsible for the full cost of plumbing their home or business for gas service, and this cost should be determined by a licensed plumber.

Is natural gas superior to other fuels?

Natural gas is an economical, environmentally friendly and efficient energy source. According to Chevron.com, natural gas is the cleanest-burning conventional fuel, producing lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions than heavier hydrocarbon fuels, such as coal and oil. In addition to being a financially and environment-savvy choice, the natural gas industry is extremely safe. This is largely due to stringent rules and regulations of many federal and state regulatory agencies. Natural Gas of Milton is committed to constant inspection, maintenance and documentation of our mains, lines and service-related equipment.

What if I smell gas?

For leak detection, there is a product called mercaptan added to the natural gas to give it a distinctive sulfur or “rotten eggs” odor.

If you smell a gas leak:

  • Open windows and doors
  • If possible, eliminate any source of ignition
  • Leave the area immediately. Do not smoke, turn off/on any switches or appliances, or use a phone or cell phone.
  • Go to a safe location such as a neighbor’s home and immediately call 911 or the Milton Police Department at (850) 983-5420.

Natural Gas of Milton has trained professionals that will gladly test your natural gas appliances. Call (850) 983-5434 for more information.